The Purest Of Souls And Rock & Roll

The Serious Accounts Of Musicians Fighting The Walls Of Sound

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The man of the people says "Keep hope alive!"
Got fuel to burn, got roads to drive.

The basis of this community is to share and record certain points in time where musical evolution happens and affects the rest of the world in some way. The world we know revolves around the sun. What makes the world revolve? Especially in a musical sense. Why are certain musical evolutions imminent and some outright violent? This is the community where rock and roll remains alive and well, and will stand the test of time, atop mighty giants and their armies of musicians.

So grab your mighty axe and plug in...for you're in the right spot!

The only rules that apply are:

1. You must choose either a maiden name or a knight name for your signature, for you entries are set in stone!
2. Have as much fun as all humanly possible, the rock and roll gods count on it!
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